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From the studio of award-winning quilter Myrna Ficken... Sample of classes

If you want it, you can have it. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. The first step to achieving success is learning to want the right thing, then being able to visualize it. Go ahead and use your imagination

  • Private classes can be designed to suite your needs. $30.00 per hour Minimum 2 hours.
  • APQS startup for new machine owners, beginner classes
  • Hands on workshop
  • Demo/lecture classes available
Intermediate into Advanced Longarm Quilting
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Part 1: Free Motion Edge to Edge | Intermediate into Advanced Free Motion Quilting

Part 2: Borders and Sashings | Intermediate into Advanced Free Motion Quilting

Part 3: Fillers | Intermediate into Advanced Free Motion Quilting

Part 4: Rulers and Stencils | Intermediate into Advanced Free Motion Quilting

Part 5: Block Party | Intermediate into Advanced Free Motion Quilting


Are you ready to jump into some custom work and are just too afraid to go freehand just yet. Well, I have a super class for you. There are so many beautiful stencils and rules available, they are easy to learn how and where to use them. Get ideas for mixing and matching. Discover the best tools for safely marking.
Have you used your laser light from the front of the machine to do block patterns? Another priceless tool for custom block work. Then if that's not enough, there are rulers.

All this in one great class. I will show you all the tips and tricks. All the tools will be available for purchase at the studio. You will leave with your head spinning with ideas.  You’ll want to rush home and get started on your own quilts!


 Borders and Sashing

Myrna will teach free-motion designs you can use on everyday customer quilt.  Leaves, flowers, and geometric without turning your quilt for you side borders. You will also learn how to use mark with a couple of simple rulers to make fun and beautiful borders

Fill Er Up Background Designs

Longarm applique doubled with many fun background fills. You will have everything you need to create your own masterpiece. Optional fun extras you might want to add to your piece will be available to purchase.  " Modern Style top will be included in price.

A to Z

A class to discuss and try whatever you are wondering about. Thread choices, choosing designs, tensions, pricing, and custom verses E2E, Modern Quilts. Please bring four different orphan quilt blocks you can stitch on, no larger than 8" please. Backing and batting will be provided. Backing will black fabric or muslin. This is just for practice showing you things that you may use for your next masterpiece.

Feathers fun and Formal

We all love feathers, and everybody has their own style! Learn techniques for long and lean and full and frilly and E2E feathers. See how to fill the space fast and beautifully with no stress of getting in and out of areas.








Just Do It

Hands on class

This is a beginner to intermediate level class in which you will learn some fun techniques. I’ll teach you fillers, flowers, and all kinds of jazzy, funky, cool freehand designs that can be used on any quilt.  Fast and easy edge-to-edge designs to some thinking “outside of the box.”  We’ll work with border design and carry parts of the design into the sashings and blocks. We’re going to spend some time on stitching in the ditch and alternatives.  Bring quilts for discussion as time allows.  This is a busy class, loaded with lots of great ideas!!

Creating Spaces

One of my favorite things to do is to transform a quilt by creating new spaces within it, I’ll teach you how. You can add to blocks, borders, sashings, etc.  Learn to use your imagination and allow it to help you create spaces then discover what to do in these spaces to enhance your quilt!   See how easy it is to use tools that you may already own and learn to use whatever you might have on hand!  You have permission to have FUN in this class!!

Gotta Love Those Samplers! 

A great class for sampler quilts from start to finish.  You’ll see samplers in a whole new light!  Learn how to analyze, stabilize, and handle every block with confidence.  This call can be done as a drawing class or a combination with quilting on your blocks. You will be instructed what block you will need to bring when you register for class. They do not need to be perfect and most likely will not be usable after... but you never know you all are creative.



Feathers Galore

This is an intermediate level class, but confident beginners should accept this class as a bit of a challenge.  So many feathers….so little time!  Whether yours are long and narrow, short and wide, spiky, curvy, fluffy or flat --- everybody loves feathers and everybody has their own style!  We’re going to get started with the most simple feather designs and we’ll jazz them up until they sizzle!  I’ll show you techniques for swags and wreaths and adding decorative threads.  It’s all designed to make those feather designs blaze on your quilts!  Bring your imagination, pencil and paper along with a full dose of energy and attitude!  

Need Ideas, How Do I Quilt This? 

Has this ever crossed your mind? What am I going to do on this quilt? Bring your tops that have you stumped and at a loss. I'll share my ideas for quilting them. You will be amazed once you see it through different eyes and get your creativity rolling. You've seen quilts hanging at shows and said, "I would have never thought of that or what a great way to do this". But you just can't see it when you are standing in front of the quilt you have to do NOW. Bring those tops; I have so many ideas to energize your imagination.